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Rotary Nagarbhavi is a charity Organization. We are basically working towards Health, Schools, Water & Solid waste management and Lakes

Major Donor & PHF's Details

Major Donors

Sl. Rotary ID Donor Recognitation Level
1 5209136 Rtn. Hanumanthaiah B. K. Level 2
2 8213219 Rtn. Subba Reddy Level 2
3 5317436 Rtn. Gajanana P. Hegde Level 1
4 8351632 Rtn. Sheetal Kumar Level 1
5 8351624 Rtn. Gowri Shankar Level 1


Sl. Rotary ID Donor Recognitation Level
1 8213121 Rtn. Govardhan Shetty PHF
2 8351628 Rtn. Nanda Gopi PHF
3 10019219 Rtn. Hanumanthaiah B.K. PHF+8
4 8212904 Rtn. Nagesh Alegowda PHF
5 8351632 Rtn. Sheetal Kumar Jain PHF+6
6 6781994 Rtn. D.K.Venkatesha PHF
7 9321294 Rtn. H.G. Pramod PHF+8
8 5317436 Rtn. Gajanana P. Hegde PHF+6
9 8539400 Rtn. N. Ramesh Devadiga PHF+2
10 8213242 Rtn. N. Suresh Sagar PHF
11 8213219 Rtn. Subba Reddy PHF+8
12 8213186 Rtn. S. Sachidananda Murthy PHF
13 8351624 Rtn. T. Gowrishankar PHF+6
14 8213190 Rtn. Sanjay Kumar PHF
15 8982238 Rtn. B.K. Nagendra PHF+1
Our Team

We have great team

Rtn Nagendra BK


Rtn Vishwanath

President Elect

Rtn Prakash


Rtn Dr. Nagabhushan

Vice President

Rtn Shankar

Vice President &Public Image

Rtn Priyadarshini


Rtn G. P. Hegde

Club Advisor

Rtn Hanumanthaiah

Club Mentor


Projects Completed

As of today 10 number of projects have been completed


Ongoing Projects

There are 4 ongoing projects.


Awards / Recognition

20 number of awards we received this year

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Charity is a great virtue. It’s a non pro fitable fund, its show us the great humanity.


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